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Greenwich is on the south bank of the River Thames, topographically, the finest property in South East London. Greenwich is on a hill with fabulous views of the river. Appreciating this view on their journey from Dover, the Romans built a temple in what is now Greenwich Park. Tudor kings also loved the place and built a riverside palace. A Royal Naval College was built on top of the palace and is now used by the University of Greenwich. Grand houses developed around the palace and development spread when railway stations were built at Greenwich and Blackheath. Modern development of office property on the Isle of Dogs has enhanced the popularity of Greenwich as a residential area.

The underlying strata of the Greenwich area are chalk but they are overlain by alluvial deposits of sand, gravel and mud. This creates variety in the garden soils. Property at a higher level tends to have sandy and gravelly soils. Property at a lower level tends to have clay soils.

For historical information on Greenwich, see Muirhead's 1927 London Walks: Greenwich and Woolwich Walks

Greenwich Park and Canary Wharf, London, England

Blackheath - Morden College, London, England

Greenwich property, London, England

Greenwich waterfront, London, England