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Beach houses and gardens in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

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The Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) have a long tradition of building recreational houses on the coast and in garden areas. These properties are often subject to special laws regulating their design and use. Property taxes are lower in these zones and periods of residential occupancy are limited. Stretching EU regulations to the limit, these laws also make it very difficult for nationals of other countries to buy beach and garden real estate in Scandinavia. Fortunately, there is a lively rental market.

Scandinavia's climate tends to be harsh in winter, especially in Finland and Sweden, but the summers are short and very sweet. The weather can be warmer and sunnier than Holland or England. All the flowers seem to come out together and all the people seem to leave the cities to see them. Furthermore, one does not have to endure the often oppressive heat of southern Europe. It is a delightful area in which to enjoy sun, flowers, gardens and beaches.

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