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The island of Ireland comprises the Republic of Ireland (Eire in Irish) and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland became independent from the UK in 1921. English and Irish (Gaelic) are the official languages but Irish is rarely spoken except along aparts of the west coast. In the Republic of Ireland, the currency is the Euro. In Northern Ireland, the currency is the pound Sterling.

Ireland has a mild temperate climate with frequent rainfall so the vegetation is very green, earning the island its affectionate nickname - The Emerald Isle. The Gulf Stream protects the Ireland from extreme weather conditions and average summer and winter temperatures are only about 10°C apart. Unsuprisingly, plants florish in these mild and moist conditions and there are some lovely gardens open to the public across the island, see Irish Parks and Gardens. In addition, Ireland has some spectacular natural landscapes.

Ireland has lovely white sand beaches (though not always sun to go with them), particularly in Wexford and Donegal, and dramatic coastline with craggy cliffs. The island's golf courses draw many visitors to Ireland.

Property prices in Ireland are currently high but there are some lovely properties available to rent, ranging from Georgian houses and thatched cottages to castles.

Dingle Bay, Ireland

Garden Castle, Ireland

Thatched cottage, Ireland