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As some nations dream of riches, and othes of young love, the English dream of country cottages with roses growing round the windows. Many cottage-to-rent and bed-and-breakfast hotels aim for this image. But for the overseas property buyer, the consequences are (1) a vast number of cottage-type homes is available, (2) the prices are comparatively high and it is difficult to draw a line between the holiday property and the general residential property market.

Another issue is that England's climate is unreliable. In a good summer, the climate is perfect climate for: warm, mellow, beautiful, moist, never too hot. But bad summers can be cold and damp. So England is not a place for 'sun and sand' holidays. One should plan instead for 'active recreation': visiting places of interest, walking, riding, sailing. You return from such a holiday feeling fit and well, not burnt and bloated.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the English countryside, is to rent, rather than buy, holiday property. There are a great many country hotels with fine gardens, numerous cottages to rent and a very well developed Bed-and-Breakfast (B&B) trade. The density of gardens open to the public is greater in England than anywhere else. One can therefore use the web to book a series of places to stay with places to visit all around.

You would expect a nation of garden lovers to have a garden city as its capital, and London certainly lives up to this expectation.

English Cottage

English Cottage

English Garden, Iford