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With its lush rainforests, dramatic mountains, volcanoes, fjords and fourteen national parks, New Zealand is a country of outstanding natural beauty with a climate very conducive to the cultivation of gardens. It is also very clean and safe.

Having evolved in isolation for millions of years, the native flora of New Zealand is very distinctive and mostly endemic. This adds an exciting new dimension for the adventurous gardener. New Zealand natives such as Phormium (flax), Cordyline (cabbage palms) and various grasses (e.g. Cortaderia) are becoming increasingly common in British gardens. New Zealand has now imposed restrictions preventing the introduction of exotic plants to protect the native flora.

Furthermore, investing in a property in New Zealand is relatively free of complications and additional expenses. There is no stamp duty, capital gains tax or land tax. In rural areas of New Zealand, "lifestyle blocks" (essentially small farms) are popular with foreign buyers seeking privacy and space.

New Zealand is a long flight from most of the world so unless you can relocate permanently or have the flexibility to take longer holidays, renting property may be the most practical way to enjoy New Zealand.


Auckland is a dynamic and multicultural city with a sunny climate. It is happily situated in New Zealand's North Island surrounded by beautiful beaches, more than 50 islands and 2 mouintain ranges covered in rainforests. A great advantage to foreign buyers of holiday homes in Auckland is Auckland airport, the largest international airport in New Zealand. Comprising more than a quarter of New Zealand's entire population, it has the most active and established property market in New Zealand.


Christchurch is very well endowed with gardens - in fact it is often referred to as "The Garden City" and has received international recognition for its gardens. Property prices are proportionally higher than in most of New Zealand. It is the largest city on the South Island.

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Queenstown, New Zealand

Lake Mathesen, New Zealand

New Zealand flora

Park in Christchurch, New Zealand