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Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. Situated in South East Asia, it consists of 18,000 tropical islands, about a third of which are inhabited. There is a wide variation in the flora across the islands, although colourful and tropical are common themes. Ornamental sculptures and garden art are popular. The Indonesians specialise in 2 types of garden - water gardens (taman air) and small gardens (taman mini).

The official language is Bahasa Indonesia, which is based on Malay. Many local dialects, English and Dutch are also spoken.


With its beaches, lush tropical forests, rivers, volcanoes and crater lakes, the natural landscape on Bali is beautiful. The land is very fertile and flowers are omnipresent. The climate is pleasant year-round. Traditionally, the Balinese live in a collection of pavillions within a walled compound called a pekarangan. Each paviliion has a specific function. Balinese architecture is based on the concept of Tri Angga. The gardens of the water palace Tirta Gangga are interesting. The famous tropical garden designer Made Wijaya lives on Bali and has made many gardens on the island.

Advantages of renting a private villa over staying in a hotel on Bali.

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Java is densely populated. Indonesia's bustling capital city, Jakarta, is on Java.

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