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Located in the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the second largest Emirate of the seven in the United Arab Emirates and is growing fast - and not just in terms of housing. Dubai itself is growing thanks to the construction of a number of artificial islands. The largest project is called the World and when completed will be an archipelago of islands shaped like the Earth's continents. Dubai is very safe with a low crime rate and a very modern infrastructure. Unusually, the population is predominantly expatriate. The official language is Arabic.

The climate in Dubai is hot and sunny all year. Except by the beach, attire should be modest to respect the Islamic culture. Dubai has tax free shopping and even an annual shopping festival in January. It is also a world class golfing destination where you can navigate your way around the beautifully sculpted courses in golf buggies with built in GPS.

Historically, foreign investors have not been able to own freehold property rights in Dubai. Instead, foreigners owned their property leasehold on a 99 year lease. The law was amended in 2002 to allow foreigners to buy freehold property within certain developments. It is important to seek expert advice and to clarify the nature of the title to the property before committing to the purchase.

Resort, Dubai

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai