The Garden Guide

North American garden real estate

Florida, Hawaii, California, Mexico, Canada

North America's property market divides into:

  • apartments in big cities, sometimes with balconies or roof gardens
  • suburban houses with relatively large gardens by world standards
  • holiday property, with or without gardens

Overseas buyers are interested in American holiday property, particularly in Florida and Hawaii. They find houses which are well built, well specified, generously sized and with sufficient land to make gardens. To keep the gardens maintained when owners are not in residence it is possible to arrange vacation rentals and use some of the money to pay a gardener.

Garden making conditions in the United States differ from those in Europe

  • in central areas, dominated by tall buildings, there is less space for gardens - other than roof gardens
  • subdivisions in suburban areas tend to be notably larger than their Europeal equivalents, but there is a tradition of open plan development which makes garden design more difficult
  • the northern states (and Canada) have longer colder winters than most of Europe, limiting plant growth
  • the southern states have hotter and more humid summers than most of Europe, making conditions for working in gardens unattractive
  • the western states are short of water, making xeriscape gardening the sustainable choice
  • gardening conditions in California are similar to those around the Mediterannean
  • popular vacation areas, like Hawaii and Florida have the necessary warmth and water for garden making


New York Roof Garden

American subdivision garden

Antebellum property

Luxury subdivision garden