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Luxury property in the countryside is good value compared to equivalent estates in or near big cities. If they are willing to suffer the inconvenience of travel, it is generally easier for people from rich countries to seek property abroad. But you have to be careful. Too often, the laws favour the locals. British people, for example, have often had problems with Spanish property. The solution is to hire an independent local lawyer to look after your interests.

International real estate

At the top end of the market, it is relatively easy to find property with fine gardens.

Christie's Great Estates has a section on Featured Properties, including 'a metropolitan penthouse, a ranch or mountain home, a charming equestrian estate, an island retreat, and a private villa to call your own'.

Sotheby's International Realty has a section on Featured Properties 'in a range of locations, prices and distinctive styles'.

Country Life magazine has always illustrated the most enticing selection of garden property. Their website has a section on international property.

French property to buy

France has much grand residential property with gardens, many properties in deeply rural areas.

Jennings & Smith - clickable links to photographs of prestige property in France

France Presgite Real Estate - clickable links to photographs of real estate in Provence, Languedoc and Southwest France.

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