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This section aims to assist in finding garden property. It is nice to see a good garden but it is even nicer to live there! Many of us now agree with the poet, Abraham Cowley, who wrote that 'I never had any other desire so strong, and so like to covetousness, as ....that I might be master at last of a small house and large garden'. Often, the dream can be met by a cottage or gite. Living in the city we want:

This section of the website will be developed to help with finding garden property: we aim to provide information and links - for the pleasures of dreaming, browsing, renting and buying.

Spanish hotels

The Spanish government has an excellent system for converting famous buildings into reasonably priced luxury hotels, usually with fine gardens.

Parador Hotels Spain's distinguished chain of Government owned hotels shows 'how the characteristics of hospitality were harmoniously integrated with palaces and convents, rescuing them from ruin and abandonment'

British country houses to rent

Because it was rich in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Britain has a vast number of great country houses with gardens and many have been converted into hotels and apartments for rent.

Loyd & Townsend Rose - 6 Star Vacations 'Experience the highest standard of luxury and service in private homes throughout Europe. Splendid period properties available for rent fully staffed and catered in Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Switzerland or Italy.'

Celtic Property Accommodation in stately homes.

Dreamsleeps - Luxury Hotel and Castle Accommodation in Britain and Ireland.

Home Insurance - what about your garden?

A note on insuring your property - it is worth buying a household insurance policy that also covers your garden. As the popularity of gardening increases, so does retail spend on gardens and so does garden theft! Commonly stolen items include ornaments and sculptures, garden tools and even plants. Gardens are extremely vulnerable to theft as they are so accessible - walking through a gate or climbing a wall is much easier than breaking a window or door. But theft is not the only risk to your garden - damage may also arise from vandalism, extreme weather conditions, a fallen branch or a domestic mishap.


Goethe's Garden House, by the Ilm Park in Weimar set an example to which modern romantics often aspire: a small house with a large garden in a beautiful setting.

Gateway from Goethe's garden to the Ilm Park