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River Westbourne Memorial in Sloane Square Station

 Though now a foul sewer, the River Westbourne  ran sweetly from Hampstead to the River Thames. It was dammed to make the Serpentine in Hyde Park and it now flows in a steel conduit above the underground railway tracks in Sloane Square Station and Sloane Square. As a prelude to reclaiming the river, it would be great to have some fish tanks attached to the steel plates – or LCD screens alternating views of happy fish with advertisements for fish fingers. Another good  place to see the ancient river is at the point where it enters the River Thames, in front of Chelsea Royal Hospital and theChelsea Flower Show ground. For a map of the river see  Sponsorship opportunities: JCDecaux,  Environment Agency, Port of London Authority

 River Westbourne at Sloane Square Station
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Tropical fish tank or LCD screen?

The River Westbourne, shown on an old map, crosses the District and Circle Underground railway line at Sloane Square Station