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Flowery Meadow in Westminster’s Great Cloister

The Normans, after 1066, built the Abbey and made Westminster the seat of English power. Now in  a busy part of London, Westminster's Great and Little Cloisters survive as  pools of tranquillity. The Small Cloister has been made into a renaissance garden and is beautiful. The ‘lawn’ of the Great Cloister is maintained like a municipal tennis court. It is ugly. The proposal is to restore the flowery mead it must once have been. Turf, cut from meadows and re-laid every few years, must have been rich in wild flowers. We do not know how often it was scythed but it is likely to have been done when the spring flush became lank.

Sponsorship opportunities: a large wildflower seed supplier could sponsor planting of the garden

 Westminster Medieval Cloister Garden in London
Before sponsorship After sponsorship

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A flowery mead

Cloisters are softer and sweeter with the addition of flowery meads

Everyone loves wild meadow flowers