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Hungerford Bridge Festival Flower Market

The Hungerford Jubilee Bridges are useful and elegant. But they are not in the best tradition of bridge design -  because they lack places to sit and muse that ‘all is flux’ (Heraclitus). So it would be great to have a Hungerford Flower Festival during the Chelsea Fringe event. It could be run as a market, remembering the old Hungerford Market, or there could be sponsorship from individuals and companies. Commuters, salarymen and other drudges will have their spirits lifted for three weeks/year.Hungerford Bridge takes its name from the old Hungerford Market on the site of what is now Cannon Street Station. There is limited space on the Jubliee Bridges but they could link larger flower markets on the north and south banks of the Thames.

Sponsorship opportunities: New Covent Garden Market is near Hungerford Bridge and could supply the flowers, for display and for sale

 Hungerford Bridge Central London Flower Market
Before sponsorship After sponsorship

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Columbia Road Flower Market London

The piers of Hungerford Bridge would be great places for floral displays during the Hungerford Flower Festival