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London Gardens Walk and Chelsea FringeTour

>The London Gardens Walk (or Cycle Ride) will take you on a tour through 20.3 miles on the ground and 4000 years of garden design history. The period from 1500 to the present is covered with parks and gardens in Central London, shown by blue markers and a blue line on the Googlemap, below (the yellow CFChelsea Fringe Map Marker markers show the locations of the potential Chelsea Fringe projects explained below ). The previous 3,500 years is covered with a British Museum Gardens Walk. The recommended start and end points for the tour, shown with green markers, are Trafalgar Square and Victoria Tower Gardens. The  tour route can be done using the TfL Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. Click link below map to enlarge its size.

View Larger Map:-  Chelsea Fringe Festival London Gardens Walking Tour or download a Printable Routemap  (as a pdf file)

See Chelsea Fringe Website info on London Gardens Walk  & info on the Chelsea Fringe Festival.

Landscape and garden design, as Edmund Burke wrote of statesmanship, should be 'a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born'. One may also have sympathy with Karl Marx' view that 'philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it'. The Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival is an opportunity to look forwards, as well as backwards. The below list of projects for future Chelsea Fringe Festivals are sponsorship opportunities for companies, organisations and individuals. If you think of additional projects while doing the Chelsea Fringe London Gardens Walk, please contact us. We like publicising good ideas for London parks, gardens and landscapes. The links to find more information about the ideas behind the projects illustrated below.

Reclaim London's Rivers

Thames Petition Barge York Watergate Revival
Petition for reclamation of the River Thames Landscape
 York Watergate Thames Memorial Restoration
Thames Bathing Beaches River Westbourne at Sloane Square
 River Thames Bathing Beaches  River Westbourne at Sloane Square Station

Remember London's History

Cannon Street Roman Palace Garden Greenwich Heritage Avenue
Cannon Street Roman Palace Garden
Greenwich Park Meridian Baroque Avenue
Westminster Palace Jewel Garden Flowery Mead in Westminster's Great Cloister
Westminster Palace Jewel Tower Medieval Garden
Westminster Medieval Cloister Garden in London

Make London Flower

Battersea Peace Pagoda Buddhist Garden National Army Poppyfield Garden
Battersea Park Peace Pagoda London Buddhist Garden
National Army Museum Poppy Garden
Hungerford Bridge Flower Festival Market National Gallery Flower Festival
 Hungerford Bridge Central London Flower Market  National Gallery Flower Festival Trafalgar Square

Renew London's Public Open Space

British Bookcrossing Library St James's Cow
British Library Bookcrossing Outdoor Library
St Jamses's Park's milk cow
Hyde Park Tropical Garden Peter Pan Garden
Hyde Park Glasshouse Conservatory
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

The guide to the London Gardens Walk, available from the UK Amazon Kindle Store or the US Amazon Kindle Store, has information on (1) gardens, parks and landscapes in Central London (2) garden-related exhibits in the British Museum (3)  the history of Western garden design from prehistoric times to the present day. The list of Central London gardens to visit is linked to garden descriptions on this website and is a selection from the London section of our Garden Finder.

"Find me on the London Gardens Walk"

St James's Park is on the London Gardens Walk