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We provide links to many garden websites. Please let us know if you discover any of the links to be faulty on several occasions. It is often the case, even with well-maintained websites on good servers, that they fail to work because of a bottleneck somewhere on the internet. Sorry, but we do not link to websites which are not specifically garden-related.

We do not make any charge for including links on our links pages but we request an exchange link to our website. Please let us know from which of your pages links to our website. Contact. Our preference is for links to a page which relates to your readers' interests. For example

Note on Competition: Our belief is that collections of links are like specialist shopping streets (eg for Jewellery, Books, Shoes or whatever). Being near your competitors is good for the customer and therefore good for business: more knowledge and more choice results in more sales.

If you don't want to link to one of the above pages, you could link to the homepage:

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