The Landscape Guide

Surrey Docks, SE16

The Surrey Docks were excavated in the first half of the nineteenth century and closed in 1969. Most of the dock basins were filled in during the 1970's and the land is now being reclaimed. Visit the following:- · Russian Dock Woodland: A delightful meandering valley has been created (1981) using the old dock wall to form one edge of a water course and a beach-like edge-treatment to form the other bank. The valley is enclosed by thickly planted steep mounds and crossed by bridges and decks. (Designed by the John Stedman Design Group). · Lavender Dock Pond: Part of the old Lavender Dock has been excavated to provide a pond and ecological study area for school children. The scheme was designed by Land Use Consultants and will be managed by the Ecological Parks Trust. · Rotherhithe Knot Garden: A small brick-paved window on the Thames designed by T. Meddings as an entry for the 1975 Art into Landscape Competition. It contains a number of giant rope knots which have been set with resin. Access from Lower Road.

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