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New River Walk/Marquess Road, N1

A linear park running for over half a mile through Canonbury following the course of the New River brought to London by Sir Hugh Middleton in 1613. It is only a few metres wide but is full of character - an ideal landscape corridor. The walk has been reconstructed and replanted along the frontage of the Marquess Road estate. Bird life and leafy corners abound and paths are highly contrived but it has that indefinable Japanese quality which steers clear of the twee. Marquess Road estate is high density housing in medium-rise form. Detailing and spacial composition are well handled though complex. Cul-de-sacs, basement garaging and mature trees are somehow woven into the tight spaces. Nearby on the opposite side of St. Paul's Road is St. Paul's Shrubbery: a superbly articulated space with graceful mounding set off by the backs of Georgian terraces. Children's play areas at either end form an integral part of the composition. Architects and Landscape Architects for all three schemes were Darbourne and Darke. Access from St Paul's Road, N1.

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