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Russia Dock Woodland Greenway

The woodland was created in 1981 in the former dock basin. A delightful meandering valley (35 acres) was created (1981) using the old dock wall to form one edge of a water course and a beach-like edge-treatment to form the other bank. The water level was then lowered for safety reasons and the beach became woodland. The valley is enclosed by thickly planted steep mounds and crossed by bridges and decks. The woodland was designed by the John Stedman Design Group.

It is regrettable that such a pleasant place is not better known and better used. It would benefit from being linked by a greenway to the Surrey Canal Walk and a natural swimming pond would be a very welcome addition to the Woodland. It could then function in a similar manner to the Amsterdam Bos Park.

See comment on London Greenways.

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Russia Dock Woodland - the old dock wall

Map of Russia Dock Woodland

A nature pond in the former Russia Dock