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The London Zoological Gardens

The London Zoo celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1976 by opening the New Lion House. This was a completely different concept for displaying animals - instead of the traditional box-like cages there are large amorphous enclosures within with the cage is hardly noticeable. The look of the natural habitat of the animal has been re-created, mainly through imaginative landscape design. Grassland, arid zones and watery landscapes are all there and many unusual plants have been included for effect. The public are 'managed' by the design of the enclosures themselves which provide a natural separation from the animals. (Landscape Architect: Sir Peter Shepheard). Other buildings of landscape interest are the Aviary, the Penguin Pool, the Ape House, the Camel House and the Elephant House. Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London NW1.


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The aviary at London Zoo (right) was designed by Lord Snowdon and fits the landscape setting