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Greenwich Peninsula Ecology

Reclamation of the Greenwich Peninsula was one of the early failures of the 1997-2001 Labour Government. The idea for the Millennium Dome was borrowed from the Tories, filled with boastful air and allowed to stand empty from 2000-2006. Some good and some bad things were done for the ecological landscape of the Greenwich Peninsula. The best thing was a pioneering project, designed by the landscape architecture section of Atkins, to re-create the reedy wetlands which once lined the entire shore of the River Thames. A Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park was also established - with a green roof. This projects should be of far more value to the peninsula than the dull flat park south of the Dome. In fact, for a development planned and built between 1995 and 2000, the Greenwich Peninsula shows an astonishing disregard for the principles of sustainable landscape design..

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Wetland re-creation below the high-tide mark on the Dome waterfront.

The Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park