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Animals in War Memorial

A memorial to all the animals which have suffered and died in war: horses, mules, dogs, elephants, camels, pigeons and canaries and many others. The memorial was inspired by Jilly Cooper's book Animals in war and opened in 2004. The memorial was designed by the sculptor David Backhouse for a landsape setting on a traffic island at the north end of Park Lane (near Brook Gate). The visual peace of the parkland setting, overlooking Hyde Park and one of London's premier addresses, contrasts with the cruel violence of the passing traffic. Busses, taxis and other vehicles escape the congestion of Oxford Street to vent their diesel engines on Park Lane. It is relatively unusual for unpleasant traffic to boost the artistic quality of a work of art. The sculpture is site-related and well-suited to a nation of anumals lovers. The memorial was opened in 2004.

Address: North end of Park Lane, on the pedestrian route from Upper Brook Street to Hyde Park.


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Animals in war - memorial in Park Lane