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The Thames Path runs through Central London on the south bank of the Thames with much of the route is shared with cyclists. Some sections of the Thames Path are extremely popular (eg from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge) and some are relatively quiet (eg from Shad Thames to Southwark Park). Use of the Westminster to the Tower section increased dramatically after the Millennium Celebrations (in the year 2000) because the Thames Path was found to connect a series of major new attractions on the South Bank: the London Eye, Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge opened in 2000. Pedestrians then walked on to the Globe Theatre, the Golden Hind, Southwark Cathedral and Tower Bridge. It would be difficult for any other reach of the Thames to have such a set of attractions but lesser attraction, including pubs, restaurants and museums, would increase traffic - if this was wanted. Cyclists are willing to travel relatively long distances without much to see or do. Pedestrians like varied scenery and many places to stop.The north bank of the Thames in Central London has fewer visitor attractions (though they are very important) and much lower user numbers than the south bank of the river.