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London Olympic Arenas 2012

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The land was a vacant expanse of newly-seeded grass in 2005 and seems a very good place to build three sports arenas. It was the site of Arena Fields Recreation Ground and Hackney Dog Stadium (which became the UK's largest pirate CD market).

The problem in designing the space around sports facilities is that they tend to be busy during occasional events, for which they are made, but empty for most of the year.

The solution is to treat the space around the buildings as woodland, so that people can walk beneath the trees. A sensible policy would be to decide on the species and plant the trees on or near site in 2005. They could then adjust to local conditions and it would be easy to move them to their final positions with large root balls to ensure easy establishment and rapid growth.

The 2005 plan shows a
new road between the Lea
Navigation (above) and
the reclaimed land on
which the multi-sport
arenas will be built (below)