The Landscape Guide

London Olympic Precinct 2012

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In 2005 the land which will become the 2012 Olympic Precinct was occupied (see photos) by water courses, semi-derelict industry and fragments of the Lea Valley Regional Park. Since the new stadia (see Olympic Park) will be on islands (formed by waterways, railways and motorways) the major landscape design decision is to integrate the site with a bridged concourse (shown white on the adjoining plan).

"Major landscape features within the Olympic Precinct include the Landbridges which primarily link the
Olympic sites and are designed as wide pedestrian concourses. The Land Bridge over Ruckholt Road
provides access to Olympic Precinct from the Northern Coach Park and in legacy this bridge provides
the necessary pedestrian connections from the north of the site in particular Hackney Marshes to the
new park. After the Games, the bridge will also serve as a wildlife and ecological corridor as well as
part of the new cycle circuit. A number of trees along Ruckholt Road will have to be removed for the
construction of this bridge. However, trees will be planted on this bridge for the Olympics Games phase
and following the Olympics Games this bridge will act as an ecological corridor for wildlife in the Lea
Valley, with trees and shrubs planted along the edges and at the centre of the bridge."