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The first generation of computer skills tutorials used still images with text. The second generation, of video tutorials, are highly recommended. Video allows listening to the explanation while focusing on the screen image. The video lets you see which icon is clicked, what options are presented and what screen comes next. Some video tutorials are available free online. Other video tutorials are supplied on training CDs.


3D CAD (AutoCad, 3D Studio etc) Top
David Watson's online cadtutor is specifically for landscape architects. 
Links to 3D Studio tutorials from  
Links to 3D and graphics resources from 3D Cafe
CS Artisan landscape design software

Image Editing (Photoshop etc) Top
Graphic software tutorial links from Planet Unreal

2D CAD (Corel Draw , Adobe Illustrator etc) Top
Corel Draw tutorials and links 

GIS Geographical Information Systems Top
GIS web links

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro guide to tutorials
Wrigley Video tutorials