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Design juries/crits

Presentation of work at a design review is a key aspect of education in landscape architecture - and an excellent preparation for facing clients in professional life.

It should not be so, but juries tend to be fraught occasions for students. Weeks of work, and often a sleepless night before the review, do little for emotional stability. The teachers have problems too: they usually form a rapid opinion without, perpahs, having been able to fully comprehend the scheme. They may also find it hard to put their opinion into words. 'That's quite good' may be intended as praise but taken as dismissive.

Students should remind critics of their 4 duties:

  • To characterise the scheme in a few words
  • To say what is good about your scheme
  • To say what is not-so-good about your scheme
  • To advise you on what to do next

Teaching and research

Landscape architecture teaching and research offer attractive careers. You may not have the satisfaction which results from creating a physical product. But professional life can have its disappointments and you may think it better to deal in good ideas than humdrum projects.