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Animation Jobs/Careers

People join landscape courses expecting to find jobs in the profession, but soon find that they are learning animation skills and that much of the design work is now done on computer screens. Some like 'virtual 3D design' more enjoyable than 'real 3D design' and go on to jobs in the computer animation industry. The popularity of movies with substantial computer generated imaging (CGI) has led to enormous employment growth in this area - and to generally higher salary levels than for jobs in the landscape profession.

Traditionally, animation courses come from either art departments or computer departments and lead to jobs specialising in these aspects of the work. But landscape design theory (see section on Resources), which has always balanced technical and asethetic considerations, provides a third route to careers in animation. People who have trained in this way are likely to be better suited to jobs in scenic animation than jobs in character animation. It they have a technical bent, jobs in after effects and jobs in special effects offer alternative careers.

The computer software used for this work includes:


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