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16. 10 Greenspace Parks

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Green space is made by mixing yellow with blue, to calm the diversity of the yellow and restrain the sublimity of the blue. It should be relaxing in every way. City dwellers love green space, of course. Amidst the noise and stress of city life, it is wonderful to come across an island of green. But one does not want every public open space in every city to be green.

Next time you hear that urban designers are proposing a new space for your town, please ask: "What colour is this space?' If they do not have an answer, they have not thought through their scheme with sufficient profundity. Colours can be mixed with each other, and with other ideas, to produce more and different kinds of space. An urban walk can pass through spaces of many colours, each with a different mood. It is a curious fact that Gordon Cullen's ideas for spatial sequencing ignored this dimension of space (Cullen, 1971). He was a geometer. In the differentiation of urban space, there are other themes that also require consideration: age, culture, ownership, religion, art, politics, ethnicity, urban functions and leisure activities.