The Landscape Guide

17.16 Greenway diversification

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"You can have any colour you like, so long as it's green', thought our predecessors, as they used fat green marker pens to decorate town plans with seaweed-like patterns. This was the "Model G' era in greenway planning, which parallels the "Model T' period in car production. Planners must now develop expertise in designing and prescribing exactly the right type of "greenway', contextualized to local circumstances, adapted to natural and human resource availability, feasible within budget constraints. Greenway promotion and diversification could thus lead to a range of other ways: the parkway, the paveway, the glazeway, the skyway, the ecoway, the cycleway, the blueway, the redway, the brownway, the orangeway, the purpleway and the whiteway becoming acclaimed features of the urban environment.