The Landscape Guide

Essays on Cities and Landscapes by Tom Turner

-a Post-Postmodern view of Design and Planning

City as Landscape: Greenwich Park and University
  1. Post-postmodernism in planning and design
  2. Design and planning methods
  3.  Alexander's Pattern Language: "A city is a not a tree'; it is a landscape 
  4.  Patterns in use; footprints in the sand 
  5.  GIS, structuralism, the birth, the death and the life of planning 
  6.  GIS-plans 
  7.  Metaphorical plans for city and landscape 
  8.  Eco-city plans: sustainable design 
  9. Architecture, language and environmental design 
  10. Contextual policies for enviromental design
  11. Deconstructing the constructive professions 
  12. The tragedy of feminine design
  13. Landscape theory and the blood of philosopher kings
  14. The genius loci & landscape design theory  
  15. Planning public parks and boundless space 
  16. Harlequin space: diversification in public open space planning and design
  17. Greenway planning and design
  18. Readings of Parc de la Villette 
  19. Revolutions in garden design 
  20. Gardening with ideas: the structural revolution in garden design 

Additional Essays

  1. Guide to Design Theory - for students of garden and landscape design
  2. The garden festival in urban planning and design [to follow]
  3. 1-2-6-3-3 [to follow]


Publishing Note: these essays were originally published in a variety of magazines, journals and other places. They were then edited and published in a book on City as landscape (Spon 1996). From 2005 onwards they are being revised, re-illustrated and re-published on the website. They are © copyright Tom Turner.

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