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European and American garden design styles

The below chart is used in two books by Tom Turner: European gardens: history, philosophy and design (Routledge2011) and  British gardens: history, philosophy and design (Routledge, 2013). The designs discussed and exemplified are: Mesopotamian palace garden, Mesopotamian orchard garden, Egyptian domestic garden, Egyptian palacae, Egyptian sanctuary, Greek courtyard, Greek sanctuary, Roman courtyard, Roman villa, Hunting park, Manor garden, Castle garden, Cloister garth, Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Mannerist, Early Baroque, High Baroque, Forest style, Augustan style, Serpentine style, Picturesque style, Gardenesque style, Landscape style, Victorian mixed style, Arts and Crafts style, Abstract style, Post-Abstract style (aka Postmodern style). Though grouped as 'design styles', a majority could be better described as 'design types'. See Chart for links to more details of these styles. Note: the classification of styles began with a set of hand-drawing diagrams published in a book on English garden design history and styles since 1650 (which is available on the website, here).  The chart below is used in books on European Gardens (2011) and British Gardens (2013). 

europe and UK style diagrams

The rose is an emblem of European garden design

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