The Landscape Guide

Garden and Designed Landscape Types

Garden types relate to the purposes for which gardens are made. They are quite distinct from garden design styles, as are vehicle types (car, tank, truck) from vehicle design styles. A distinction should also be made between design styles and national styles (such as Chinese Gardens and Japanese Gardens). National styles exist but they have evolved over millennia. The distinction between designed gardens and designed landscapes is predominantly that between private and public designed outdoor space.


Cottage Gardens

Castle Gardens

Herb Gardens

Palace Gardens

Hunting Park

Vegetable Garden

Domestic Garden

Public Park

Medicinal Garden

Scholar Garden


Paradise Garden

Academy Garden

Temple Garden

Zoological Garden

Sacred Grove

Beer Garden

Sculpture Garden

Cloister Garth


Botanic Garden

Sport Park

Café Garden

Alpine Garden

City Park

Public Park

Flower Garden


National Nature Park

Front Garden/Yard

Back Garden/Yard