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Roundhay Garden Scene Movie Clip 

The world's oldest surviving film clip was filmed at Oakwood Grange, then the home of Joseph and Sarah Whitley. The location is now part of a Roundhay Park in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. The film-clip can be seen Youtube. it was originally filmed on October 14, 1888. We can argue that the world-wide film industry started life in an English garden. The clip lasts only for two seconds. It shows two men and two women in a Victorian garden. They move round each other in a dance-like sequence. The garden scene has a large bay window from which steps lead to what looks like a gravel terrace but could also be a lawn. Behind the 'dancers' is a heavy Victorian shrubbery with deciduous trees and, one assumes, evergreen shrubs. The cast are in Victorian dress. This was an age in which ladies and gentlemen enjoyed gardens but employed labourers to do the work, though even gardeners tended to dress more like office workers than the dungareed workers of the early twentieth century. See Roundhay Park, Leeds, UK.