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Image sheets

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An interesting characteristic of outdoor design, which I have noted in listening to designers' explanations, hearing critics' comments, and reading planning reports, is the use that is made of other places that the designer or critic has knowledge of. Bits of places are brought together in the designer's mind and assembled to make new places. It is a collage approach. As this is happening, it makes very good sense to assemble an "image sheet' displaying visual images of the places that the designer has in mind. One can then go further and put lines round parts of the plan to link them to the visual image (e.g. a photograph from a magazine) that shows the kind of place one is seeking to make (Figure 8). Where no suitable images can be found, it is necessary to sketch. You may think sketching is morally superior, but marketing folk will tell you that photographs have a better response rate than drawings. They are more believable.