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Gardens should be designed to include good materials, but they also need a sense ot harmony and style. Many gardens are based on a clear, and often simple, idea. For a period house, the idea might be to create a period gari Georgian garden for a Georgian house, or a Victorian garden for a Victorian house. Some period furniture and fittir available. But a glance at any English village high street shows that buildings in different styles can look very well the same with gardens: if you pay close attention to the harmony of colours, textures, shapes, patterns, materials then items from different periods can be brought together. Since some of the best cast iron furniture and outdoor I designed in the nineteenth century, it is often desirable to use these items in gardens of other periods, including rn gardens. Garden designs can also be based on plant associations, colour ideas, plans for how the garden will be 1 on poems stories and philosophical ideas. It is well worth having a few books to hand. A small selection of books furniture, fittings and style is described below. Christopher Tunnard wrote that gardening should be based on an ur of “the genius of the place”, on a clear structure, and on materials ‘of only the best quality (when they are available very important, and it will be noticed that they are put in their proper place after the grand conception, not before it’ leader of the modern movement but his advice is timeless, like the best gardens.