The Landscape Guide

Guide to Design Theory and Methods

The quicklinks below are for students of garden design and landscape architecture who require:

Design studio craft

There is much for students to learn from working with other people, because the knowledge comes from watching designers and talking to them. Most things can be written down but many things tend to be left out.

Design Theory

A design theory is a procedure for how to set about a design project. The links below take you to an outline of a design approach for the twenty-first century and to applications of this approach to garden design and then to landscape architecture (landscape design and landscape planning):

Design Ideas

Physically, gardens must have boundaries. Mentally, they can reach to the limits of the universe. The ideas which bestow such vast extent on gardens derive from sun, earth, art, water, history, civilization, family, everything. This essay considers the inspiration that can come from sun, wind, materials, sculpture and the conservation movement. They were chosen as examples because, in the arts, it is often necessary to look backwards before moving forwards.