The Landscape Guide
AMERICA: Contents

 Seen by (1) Turner: 2001  (2) Waugh: 1928 (3) Loudon: 1834


Central Park, New York
Central Park, New York, by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux

1.0 American garden design, seen from 2001

1.1 Introduction

 John Muir National Parks Four phases of European influence on American gardens

1.2 Early Virginian estates 

Westover George Washington Thomas Jefferson

1.3 Northeastern gardens

Andrew Jackson Downing Norman T Newton

1.4 Country place era (c1890-1930)

Frederick Law Olmsted Charles Platt Beatrix Farrand

1.5 Modern gardens

Falling Water, by FL Wright
(photo courtesy

Frank Lloyd Wright Paris Exposition of Modern Decorative Art Fletcher Steele The International Style Christopher Tunnard Burle Marx

1.6 Californian gardens

Thomas Church Lawrence Halprin Garett Eckbo

1.7 American garden design since 1970

Harvard's class of 1936   Peter Walker   John Dixon Hunt

[See note on studying the history of landscape architecture]

2.0 American garden design, seen from 1928

2.1 European influence 

2.2 Geographic factors 

2.3 Native flora 

2.4 Early American gardens; Downing  and Olmsted

2.5 Home grounds

2.6 California 

2.7 Florida and Louisiana 

2.8 Mid-west America

2.9 Canada


3.0 American examples of garden styles

3.1 Pre-colonial European styles

3.2 Colonial gardens: Spanish, French, English and Dutch

3.3 Landscape gardens

3.4 Mixed style 

3.5 Italian revival

4.6 Gardenesque style

3.7 Arts and crafts style

3.8 Abstract style


4.0 American Garden Design, seen from 1834

4.1  Private Estates and Gardens in North America

4.2  American Parks and Public Gardens

4.3  American Cemetery Gardens

4.4  North American Botanic Gardens