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Yuanye Chinese garden design

The Yuanye was written by a Ming Dynasty Chinese garden designer: Ji Cheng (c1582 - c. 1642) He was born in Tong Li, Wujiang County. Wujiang is south of Suzhou and was known as 'the Land of Fish and Rice', and 'the Capital of Silk' (before it became 'the land of electronics).  Ji Cheng was a calligrapher, a landscape painter and a  garden designer. Towards the end of his life he published the Yuanye: The Craft of Gardens (1631). Ji Cheng  might have been familiar with the Japanese garden design book, the Sakuteiki, written in the eleventh century but this is not known. The Yuanye is a key text in the history of Chinese garden design. The sections available on the website include:

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Yuanye Discourse on Chinese Gardens 
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