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Chinese gardens by Rivers and Lakes

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If one selects a site on the bank of a river or the shore of a lake for the erection of a little hut among reeds and willows, one may enjoy a wide view. The misty water stretches far, far away; the cloud-swept mountains fade in the distance; the fishing boats drift in the wind; the gulls sail gracefully. Streaks of light through the gloom of the foliage; a kiosk half concealed between the trees. If one should desire to greet the new moon, one ascends to the terrace. Rhythmical music, sailing clouds.—The wine cup is raised.—The afterglow lingers in suspense.
A spot like Hou-ling where one plays the flute with Tzu-ch’in, or else like Yao-ch’ih  where Mu Wang is expected as a guest.
Happiness consists in enjoying one’s freedom. He who can do this is indeed an Immortal.