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The amazing opportunities for learning about the nature of the world led to a romantic and eclectic thirst for exotic materials, plants and design ideas, from British history and from overseas. Gardens were made with:

• ironwork, urns and statues, 

• terraces, lakes, glass houses, 

• winter gardens and conservatories, 

• walled vegetable gardens, exotic plants, 

• compartments, buildings etc, rosaries, specimen trees, 

• woodland gardens, rockeries,

• transitions from Beautiful to Picturesque to Sublime


The Hermitage, Dunkeld  

Biddulph Grange Garden 

Alton Towers 


Cragside House and Garden 

Crystal Palace Park 


Harewood House Garden 

Kew Gardens 

Leonardslee Gardens  

Newby Hall 


Sheffield Park 

Tatton Park 

Trentham Gardens  

Waddesdon Manor 

Wallington Hall 

Wakehurst Place