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Prehistoric man-made features evidence deep responses to landscape and social conditions. In the Neolithic period designs included:

• Settlements

• Vegetable gardens

• Causewayed enclosures

• Henges

• Stone circles

• Barrows and cairns

• Hillforts and brochs

• Standing Stones


Sites of landscape archaeological interest in the British Isles

This page was created to facilitate locating the sites of landscape archaeological in the British Isles that are illustrated on the Prehistoric Landscape Architecture and Music video. There are of course a great many other sites of archaeological interest in the islands.

Sites of landscape archaeology interest in England

Archaeolink [Note: this site was built as a visitor attraction and closed in 2011]

Avebury on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Butser Ancient Farm on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Castlerigg Stone Circle on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Cerne Abbas Giant on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Danebury Iron Age Hillfort  on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Mayburgh Henge on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Old Oswestry Hillfort on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Silbury Hill on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Stoney Littleton Long Barrow on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia

Stonehenge on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Uffington White Horse on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Wayland’s Smithy on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Sites of landscape archaeology interest in Scotland

Callanish Standing Stones on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Camster Grey Cairns on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Dun Troddan and Dun Telve Brochs on Googlemaps and Dun Troddan on Wikipedia  and DunTelve on Wikipedia

Edin’s Hall Broch  on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Loch Tay Crannog on Googlemaps and Scottish Crannog Centre on Wikipedia 

Maeshowe Chambered Cairn on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Mousa Broch on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia

Skara Brae Prehistoric Village  on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia

Traprain Law on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Sites of landscape archaeology interest in Ireland

Drombeg Stone Circle on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Newgrange Neolithic Monument on Googlemaps and on Wikipedia 

Prehistoric landscape and garden design