The Garden Guide

Post-Abstract Garden Design and music

Finding Abstract Modernism clinical and boring, garden and landscape designers began to return to the use of styles and stories, including 'quotations' from Modernism itself. New themes have come from allegories, cosmology, personal beliefs, faiths and sustainability. Post-abstract designs are made with:

• rectilinear geometry 

• curvilinear geometry

• landform sculpture

• steel 

• glass

• stone

• native plant species

• symbolic habitats (eg prairies)

Abbey Garden Malmesbury 

Boughton House 

Centre for Alternative Technology 

Kagyu Samye Ling Garden 

Derek Jarman Garden 

Diana Fountain in Hyde Park 

Scottish Parliament Edinburgh 

Frederick Gibberd Garden 

Water Gardens Hemel Hempstead 

Jupiter Artland Garden 

John F Kennedy Memorial 

Laban Dance Centre 

Little Sparta 


Portrack: Garden of Cosmic Speculation 

RSBP Lodge Sandy Garden

Scampston Garden 

Scottish Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh Garden