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Garden history with music

Garden design history and music videos has published a set of videos on garden history, starting with the British Isles. The links below go to pages for each of ten periods. We have started with one image-rich video on each page. When complete, there will be a pair of videos for each period. They will be:

- A 'sound and image' video, using music to express the mood of the period and photographs, with some plans and some paintings, to show the characteristics of designed gardens and landscapes in the period. These 10 videos have been published.

- A 'word and image' video in lecture format (based on the text in Tom Turner's book on British gardens: history, philosophy and design) to explain how and why gardens were designed in the styles characteristic of the period. These 10 videos are a work in progress (aka 'vapourware') 

See also: videos of individual gardens with music 

  1. 1 - Prehistoric/Neolithic gardens, landscapes and music
  2. 2 - Roman gardens and landscapes and music
  3. 3 - Medieval gardens and landscapes and music
  4. 4 - Renaissance formal gardens and landscapes and music
  5. 5 - Baroque formal gardens and landscapes and music
  6. 6 - Neoclassical gardens and landscapes and music
  7. 7 - Romantic Victorian gardens and landscapes and music
  8. 8 - Arts & Crafts gardens and landscapes and music
  9. 9 - Abstract Modernist gardens and landscapes and music
  10. 10 - Post-Abstract Post-Modern gardens and landscapes  and music

Each page has short notes on how the music with the photographs were chosen and on the design styles represented by the gardens. For an overview of garden design styles, please see the style charts. is also producing Garden Music Videos with no spoken words. They're more peaceful.


Periods in the histories of garden design and music

Medieval Middle Ages Sacred music Gregorian Chant,   Hildegard of Bingen, Folk Music: Scarborough Fair (Simon & Garfunkel)   Three Ravens (Black Country Three)
Renaissance Renaissance Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, (1525-1594) Song of SongsWilliam Byrd (1543-1623), I thought that love had been a boy, John Dowland (1563 – 1626) Fantasia No. 1, Thomas Tallis (1505 – 1585) If ye love me, Galliard (dance)
Baroque  Baroque Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741 Claudio Monteverdi(1567 –1643) (1567-1643) Johan Sebastian Bach,  (1685 – 1750)Teleman, Handel,
Neoclassical Classical Haydn (1732-1809), Beethoven (1770-1827) MozartChopinBrahmsSchumann
Mixed Romantic Wagner (1813-1883),  Verdi (1813-1901), Offenbach , Berlioz, (1803-69)
Arts & Crafts Modern Elgar (1857-1934),  Grieg (1843-1907),  DebussyVaughan Williams,  Delius,
Modernist  Modernist  Stockhausen 1928- , BrittenCageStravinsky,
Postmodern   Postmodern   Lloyd WebberJohn WilliamsJohn AdamsPhilip Glass


Prehistoric gardens

Roman gardens

Medieval gardens

Renaissance gardens

Baroque gardens

Neoclassical gardens

Romantic gardens

Arts & Crafts gardens

Abstract gardens

Post-abstract gardens