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Gardenvisit Morocco Tours

We offer specialist escorted tours of Moroccan gardens planned to include:

  • accommodation in luxury hotels with interesting gardens
  • transport in air-conditioned vehicles
  • local tour guides
  • Tours are adapted and scheduled on a tailor-made basis for individuals or small groups. The following 5-day tour is recommended:

Gardenvisit 5-day Marrakech Tour

Old Marrakech, a walled city in a palm grove at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, is a great place to discover the oldest old approach to garden design. It has more in common with the gardens of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and India than with the gardens of North Europe, America or East Asia because the water upon which gardens depend comes, as at Marrakech, from snowy mountains. From the shore of the Atlantic to the Bay of Bengal, people lived in dense walled cities - as much for protection against the climate as for protection against their neighbours.

Modern visitors lucky enough to find their way into Arab gardens will be entranced by their lush planting, brilliant colours, sweet fresh air and cooling waters. Consider what the contrast must have been after days on a camel in the desert: gardens were also the only places where the faces of women could be seen, let alone the other delights of the harem.

Once ruled by the French, Moroccan gardens also have a dash of Mediterranean culture. The 5-day Marrakech Gardens Tour gives you a chance to see gardens and also the scenery of high mountains, hot sands, palm groves and busy streets which are the eternal contexts for Islamic garden design.

Day 1: Arrival. Visit Djemaa el Fna and enjoy a carriage ride in the old town. Djemaa el Fna is the market place in the old city (medina). It was founded in 1062 by the Almoravids - Islamic conquerors who called themselves the 'ribat people'. A ribat was a frontier fortress for a holy war but the Arabs were also great traders and Djemaa el Fna has the bustle, smells, profusion and dust one finds in all the great oldcities of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Day 2: Morning: Ben Youssef Medersa and Saadian tombs and Badi Palace and Gardens - The Jardin Agdal. Afternoon: Mellah - Bahia Palace and gardens

Day 3: Morning trip to Atlas Mountains. Late afternoon visits to two private gardens in the medina.

Day 4: Morning: Menara gardens and Koutoubia mosque. Afternoon: Majorelle Gardens and Palm Gardens

Day 5: Free time for exploring and shopping. Optional personal trip to Hotel Mamounia Gardens - this is not an official part of the tour but visitors can usually see the gardens if they are respectably dressed and buy tea on the terrace. La Hotel Mamounia is a very fine, and expensive, hotel in which you can stay if willing to book in advance and pay a supplement. Departure. has partnered with The Travel Source to create this garden tour itinerary. The Travel Source operate this garden tour of Morocco and are based in Fez, Morocco. takes bookings for the tours but your contract will be with The Travel Source.

Travel Notes

  1. With selected cars and drivers, travel in a hired vehicle is a classic way to explore the country. It is significantly more relaxing, comfortable and interesting than the usual alternatives (public transport and large-group travel). Time permitting, our drivers are always happy to stop for photography or to visit other places of interest en route.
  2. Some travellers do suffer health problems in Morocco but these should be avoided by taking care to drink bottled water and eat only in clean and popular restaurants. Travellers should consult a doctor with regard to immunisation and should take out health and travel insurance.
  3. Bookings can be made at short notice but to get the best hotel rooms, flights and cars we recommend booking about 3 months before travel.
  4. We cost tours individually and request payment at the time of booking. As a guideline, the price per person based on a 2-person tour following the itinerary outlined above is 9,900MAD (Moroccan Dirihams) per person for bed and breakfast accommodation in a 5 Star Hotel Riad. Quotes can be provided on request for larger tour groups, half board accommodation and cheaper hotels. Prices include hotels, breakfast, guides, entrance fees, tips and travel within Morocco. Prices do not include international flights.