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Pipework - review

Pond Construction Guide

Notes on pipework

  1. Local plumbing codes should be observed
  2. Joints should be pressure tested before they are embedded in soil or concrete
  3. A flange is required when pipes penetrate a floor or wall
  4. Pipework should be drained in winter if it might freeze
  5. PVC piping is light, inexpensive and easy to work. However (1) PVC is damaged by exposure to ultra-violet light (2) PVC will not bond to concrete, though roughening the surface helps (3) a change to metal piping can be made where pipes penetrate concrete walls or floors
  6. Polyethylene pipework is flexible. It can be bent without joints and it is frost-resistent even if un-drained
  7. Steel pipes will rust, even if galvanised, and are not suited to ponds
  8. Large bore cast iron will not rust internally and can be used
  9. Copper pipework is well suited for ponds but the walls may have to be thicker than for domestic pipework