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Liner edge treatment- review

Pond Construction Guide

Pond liners (also known as membranes or geomembranes) should never be visible:

  • if they can be seen they suffer physical damage
  • sunlight decays polymers
  • sheets of wrinkled plastic look terrible in gardens

The possible solutions are:

  • conceal the liner with soil and vegetation
  • install a pre-formed pond edge
  • form an edge with boulders, flagstones, or bricks

Note that the foundation for a hard edge can be sited below the liner, providing the liner is protected with fibre matting above and below.

See note on timber edging

Trade Names: Edg-Keeper

A pond liner can be secured with an anchor trench (top) or with an edgestone and concrete collar (middle) or sandwiched between a concrete foundation and a brick or stone surface (bottom). It is best to protect the liner with a fiber mat, particularly where it would otherwise be in contact with a hard material (brick, concrete etc).