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Fountain equipment - review

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Designers continue to exercise their imagination in the design of fountains - so that additions to the list will be necessary:

  • smooth-bore nozzles produce a stream of clear water which breaks into droplets at the maximum elevation produced by the pump. Smooth bore nozzles can be vertical, so that the water falls back on itself, or they can be angled to produce arcs of water
  • spray nozzles typically produce a fan or circle of jets of clear water
  • aerating nozzles produces bubbles, foam and geysers with white frothy water
  • formed nozzles produce thin sheets water, shaped by the form of the nozzle
  • mist nozzles are a comparatively recent introduction and produce a fine mist which can be discharged amongst vegetation

Smooth-bore nozzles

Spray nozzle

Aerating nozzles with mist nozzles

Mist nozzles