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Green walls and vegetated roofs

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Blank walls and roofs are wasted opportunities from a sustainability viewpoint. Wallspace and roofspace should be used for:

  1. Windows and rooflights: daylighting is the first priority
  2. Solar energy generation: south-facing walls and , inclined roofs are best for energy generation
  3. Pasive solar gain: glazed walls and sunrooms can be used to catch solar energy for heating, without the need for solar cells. Thermal energy storage can be in mass.
  4. Vegetation should be the default use for walls and roofs not used for the above functions

The diagrams show two alternatives: using the roofspace for vegetation and and as the location for a large south-facing inclined solar panel

Diagram of modern building with roof garden and solar panel cladding

Building with vegetated walls and large solar panel on roof