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The technology of green roofing is sophisticated but their planning and design is comparatively neglected. The following alternatives are put forward for discussion, based on the pioneering work of Hundertwasser:

  • Communal roof-gardens: green roofs can slope down to ground level, to make them accessible to pedestrians. Hundertwasser used this roof design for a spa hotel - an unusually protected environment. It could be used for campus-type environments (eg business parks and universities). Private building owners are likely to consider this a security risk on typical urban street. The risk could be managed with a wall at the base of the slope or by allowing access to the green roof only from within the building.
  • Public roof-parks: a green bridge can be used to join green roofs on separate buildings, thus creating a continuous public or private greenspace at roof level. This greenspace planning idea is described elsewhere as a skyway .
  • Nature conservation roofs: it is often more appropriate to use vegetated roofs as wildlife habitats than as amenity green roofs for people
  • Private roof gardens: roofs designed as living space have been made since ancient times. Unlike the roof garden types described above, private roof gardens benefit from (1) a surrounding wall, at least to waist height, for safety (2) an overhead shelter, or pergola, to provide spatial security and shade when required

Green roof, accessible from ground level

A green bridge can be used to connect green roofs on separate buildings

This roof is vegetated to serve nature conservation objecties