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Fruits may have been the first plants to be grown in enclosed domestic gardens, to give protection from hungry animals and cold winds. It is a wonder that more people do not devote larger areas of their gardens to fruit trees and fruit bushes. The fruit crop is unlikely to look as perfect as supermarket fruit but the flavour will be better, and one can be sure that no dangerous chemicals will have been applied. Fruiting plants are very good at making green leaves, and ornamental plants often look best with a backdrop of green. There is something unsettling about a garden where a majority of the leaves are yellow, purple, grey, light green, or dark green, instead of classic "leaf green'. If one doesn't succeed in harvesting all the fruit, it will be more popular with birds and insects than berries from the cotoneaster and berberis, as recommended in some books on wildlife gardening. Relatively sour berries, like the gooseberry and red currant, can often be eaten without sugar when picked fresh. But once collected in a bowl they seem to require sugar.

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